I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 

Dear Friends,

Pete is one of those few people I have met who understands the dynamics of therapy to ease pain. He truly understands how pain can be debilitating, crippling, and a burden. Using more than massage therapy he helps the person to understand what is wrong with the body and then tells them ….frankly and without equivocation….what he can do to help that situation. He does not make promises that everything will be “all better” but the person will know after a short interval whether that process will work. That process involves cooperative resistance movements by both client and therapist to have the body work as it normally would.It involves meeting pain with discomfort to help resolve pain. The client has to work with him and it is not a passive process. I have found him to be a person with easy rapport, understanding, and of true concern for the individual. He wants the process to succeed and he wants the person to feel that they are better than before. I do recommend him without reservation. Sincerely, William D. Moore, PastorTabler Presbyterian Church 

To Whom It May Concern:

       I had the pleasure of visiting Muscular Skeletal Therapy’s recently to learn about the therapy offered there. I was impressed by not only the layout of the facility but the type of therapy Mr. Juergensen delivers. With his 35 years of combined sports and therapy experience, he was able to quickly assess where I needed treatment. 
       During his demonstration, Mr. Juergensen not only worked the effected muscle or joint but had me moving it at the same time, creating the maximal effort for resolving the issue at that site. I can see this having a positive effect for injured workers who have suffered back or neck injuries. I am sure it would also be effective for frozen shoulders and other orthopedic issues. He combines manual manipulation with stretching and other types of movement through the use of his training as a massage therapist and personal trainer. 

        Mr. Juergensen’s rates are very competitive, as he charges for less for the same manual manipulation that the physical therapy centers I have visited offer. I believe is services could be a great asset to everyone looking for a local alternative treatment to traditional physical therapy which most often consists of treatment with a TENS unit, walking the treadmill, riding the stationary bike, and other such forms of treatment. To my knowledge there is only one other facility within two hours that offers a similar type of treatment.

        I would like to suggest that you allow Mr. Juergensen to demonstrate his skills in person. I feel you would then see the great benefit he can give to those who suffer from various types of work related injuries.

        Thank you for the opportunity to express my professional opinion regarding the services of Muscular Skeletal Therapy’s.

Respectfully submitted,

Anonymous  RN


Illness Finally Diagnosed                

By Elaine McLaughlin

For 10 years, a total of 17 medical professionals, including some from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, were unable to determine the cause of my illness and unable to alleviate its symptoms. This year, however, two healers in our area have delivered me from infirmity and pain.

Dr. Mary Howell, a rheumatologist in Hagerstown, correctly diagnosed my condition as lupus and prescribed the appropriate long term drug therapy.

Mr. Pete Juergensen, a massage therapist here in Martinsburg, provided the manipulation, exercises, encouragement and advice that restored my energy and mobility.

Mr. Juergensen is both a caring and careful healer. When I was in complete despair because I couldn’t raise my arms or legs, pick up a  spoon or play the piano, Pete considered all my symptoms, listened to my complaints, answered all my questions and checked on me between therapy sessions. He answered all my phone calls, came to my j house, educated me about where I was in the healing process and was always positive and cheerful in his determinations to restore my body to its former state of health. Folks who need an experienced message therapist will be glad to know that Mr. Peter Juergensen is now conveniently located just off Rockcliff Drive in Martinsburg, West Virginia.